ZERO-G Flights

Experience Weightlessness


The moment when the pilot announces: Insertion! And you push yourself off the floor with just two fingers. Your mind will not be able to grasp it: You are FLOATING midair!

The impressions during a parabolic flight are so vivid and breathtaking that they have the power to linger with you for many, many years.

We give you even more space! Come with us and join this incredible experience of a parabolic flight. Travel with us to Moscow, get to know the Yuri Gagarin Kosmonaut Training Center GCTC and feel weightless during your very own Zero-G campaign.

How? Contact us! And let the journey begin!

Tour description:
Whole inclusive DEAL! 3-5 days, depending on Personal preferences

  • Tour start/end: Moscow
  • Travel to/from Moscow to/from GCTC
  • Ground transportation on GCTC Premises
  • Hotels in Moscow or GCTC area
  • Visits: GCTC, ISS Mockups, Zentrifuge
  • Zero-G Flight Campaign
  • Optional: Moscow City Tours & Dinners

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