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What does being fit mean to you? It seems there are as many definitions of fitness as there are individuals thinking about it. Maybe it is easier to determine what it means if we ask ourselves in which situations we feel ‘unfit’ and what kind of emotions we encounter in those moments. (If you have already answered this question to yourself and you are ready to change something feel free to get my contact details below).

Whether it is being exhausted walking up the stairs to your city apartment or carrying heavy bags of groceries to your car – when we start breathing hard, when our legs start hurting and our arms get heavier and heavier from the load of those bags we easily feel annoyed and discouraged. We just want to get home and fall onto the sofa with the goal not move for the rest of the day. Though, while warming up our favorite spot, between the cushions, we still feel quite content when pulling close the plate with just bought vegan pizza made with glutenfree wheat and tofu topping, and happily sipping on a Coke Zero. …;) see yourself in any of this?

We could say: It is not your fault. It is for an important part not your body that limits your fitness but your head. Our mind works in a way that it wants us to conserve energy and stay in a rest-mode in order to not loose those once so precious kilos. Unfortunately, our brain has not yet gotten the 21st-century-update that there are actually not many good reasons anymore to go on a daily calory hunt. So we could conclude it is really not your fault that you feel happier at home in your jogging pants and your favorite worn out T-Shirt, watching TV and opening boxes and bags to prepare what you will later call dinner. But it is your fault if you do not realize that this is not the lifestyle that fits to nowadays work and life demands.

Good news is: You can get fit! You are physically made for being fit. It is simply the question what that means to you and your body type. Of course we cannot all look like a (fill in your favorite actor) or (fill in somebody who you perceive as being healthy and fit) but you can become the best and fittest version of, and now it comes, yourself! You have all the potential inside of yourself to get fitter, leaner, healthier and, most importantly (maybe), happier!

And, even better news: It will not take up all your time.

This is where our paths cross. I am there to help you! Why can I do that? I understand you!
(And if you would like to know why you are invited to continue reading…or jump to the next paragraph)

Because I have been there. Right there, on that same sofa, with that kind of food and drinks in my hand thinking about maybe going running later, or tomorrow, yes, better tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, my physical appearance did not give it away that I was unfit. I’m built on the skinnier side but that did not mean I was able to run 10km or carry heavy things not to talk about being able to do one single push up or pull up. I was sporty, means I liked doing sports…every now and then but by the age of 25 working myself out in the office became more important all of a sudden than working out in a gym or outside. There were a lot of excuses and postponed sport sessions that eventually, and in my case inevitably, led to severe back pains. It got so bad that I woke myself up from stinging pain turning from one side to the other in bed during the night. It was a devilish circle – the less I moved and stretched the worse my back got, and the more pain I felt the less I was willing to do sports. After a very discomforting visit to a physiotherapist who told me he could not do anything anymore for me and that I would have to start working out and concentrating on posture and core strength again I felt shocked. I never perceived myself as being unfit! But here I was. A slender girl, who could not push herself up from the floor more than once with 6kg that I had just appeared from nowhere (I’m telling you my story here…I know 6kg is not what some others consider worth worrying about) And I felt so ashamed…I had neglected myself :-/ It hit me right there that I needed a change. I call it the zero-GO-line. It is the moment when you realise that what you have been living or doing has now gotten you to a point where you are left with two options: either continuing to suffer or absolute reconstruction of your mental model. This fork along the road came suddenly and it felt like a switch in my brain – I would change! And not just for a while but my whole lifestyle!

In order to accept change and be willing to live through the period of adapting to a new situation we all need a big motivation. It will keep us on track and remind us why we need or want to pursue this new way of living. Without this motivation we tend to fall back to old habits and not be able to set out on a new path with a new attitude.

I can help you work on your very own personal change! Whether it concerns fitness, food or your lifestyle. And I can help you find the motivation you need to become the best you, or for a start, the better you!

I am very much looking forward to finding out where your new path will lead you and I am happy to help and guide you along the way. You are not alone!

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